But… they sparkle!

I used to absolutely despise ‘Twilight’; the books, the films, everything and anything to do with it – and the annoying pre-pubescent fans the saga spawned really aggravated me. I hated how Stephenie Meyer made the so-called ‘vampires’ sparkle in the sunlight, I was appalled at Kristen Stewart’s poor excuse for acting as she portrayed Isabella Swan, and I confused as to why the girl fell in love with such a boring character like Edward Cullen who to me, just seemed like an abusive lover as he dramatically changed between alluring Miss Swan to pushing her away.

But then I actually took the time to read the first novel in the series and I was seriously taken by surprise. Sure, it’s a mere teen fantasy novel, written for young teenage girls, but this easy to read book was captivating from the beginning, and it showed our main protagonist in a new light. To me, Bella Swan just seemed an interesting but average teenage girl; she actually showed signs of having human emotions unlike her film counterpart. The scenes she has with Edward in the forest are slightly more tender, in that he doesn’t show off his powers to her in a frightening manner, and even seems reluctant and scared of showing his true self in the sunlight. He genuinely cares about her, and Meyer really does convey a teen’s ‘first love’ experience in a realistic manner; so realistic in fact, that I was taken back to my own personal memories of my first love, and the feelings became real once more.

My only problems with the novel was that she used the term ‘chagrin’ a fair few too many times at the beginning of the novel, (for those who don’t know, chagrin means to feel distressed/ humiliated) and the sheer fact that the vampires sparkle.

Don’t get me wrong, this fact severly aggravates me, it’s really childish and as far from the original legends as you can get. But if she really wanted something to happen to her vampires in the sunlight, she could have either have them shown as a corpse or as themselves as they would be if they had continued to age physically, or she could have even wrote that they simply can’t stay in the sunlight for more than a few minutes or they’ll perish. This would easily work as when they do hunt for their food, they’ve said to have hunted in the forest which is a generally shaded place, therefore they’re not constantly within the sun’s gaze.

But obviously, I’m not Stephenie Meyer, so my opinions means  nothing to her really.

I’m not saying I’m a HUGE fan of the series, but the books are better  than the films in every way possible – this coming from a chick who would practically spit venom at the sound of the word ‘twilight’.

From Gina Catface :3


2 thoughts on “But… they sparkle!

  1. Word Salad says:

    What I like too about Twilight is it’s easy to read. You can just relax while reading it and still understand what is written in the book. That’s the word — relaxing. The first person point of view and the simplicity of the words used probably contribute to this.

    I’m not also a fan of the series but I admit that I enjoyed reading it.

    You know, what I don’t get is why many people compare it to Harry Potter. Probably because they’re both popular and both fall under the category Young Adult Fiction? But why not Percy Jackson? Why not Mockingjay?

    I also wonder why this hatred for Twilight is so widespread. Elitists on the internet often mock this movie (Some jokes about it are fun, they actually make me laugh but you can feel that others are just riding this popularity for hating Twilight.) I posit that, like almost everything, there’s a very influential figure who mocked Twilight on the internet. The fans did it again and so on. One wonders who dunnit?

    • ginacatface says:

      The only comparrison between Harry Potter and Twilight is that the authors are both females; that’s where the likeness stops! I got caught up in the Twilight rage myself, but hey, you live and learn and the jokes are freakin’ hilarious :’) So long as there is an internet, there will always be a considerable amount of admiration and hate for anything; the hate possibly created by trolls I reckon.
      I just started reading New Moon and to me, it just reads like a girl moaning in her diary, but I do sort of relate to the character in that respect. xx

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